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Do I have to pay my Driver Responsibility Fee? – Snyder Passes New Law in Michigan

Rick Snyder just signed into law a bill that is going to eliminate driver responsibility fees for specific offenses. Starting for offenses occurring after October 1, 2011 drivers will no longer be assessed driver responsibility fees for the following offenses.

Accumulating seven or more points on a driving record.
Driving without a valid license.
Failing to produce proof of insurance.
Failing to have no-fault insurance under the Insurance Code.
While driver responsibility fees will not be levied for these offenses occurring after October 1, 2011, driver reasonability fees will still be charged in offenses where a person is convicted of drunk driving and/or impaired driving such as a charge for an OWI, OWID, or an OWVI. The fees for these offenses will remain unchanged and generally require $1,000.00 for a period of two years or greater.

This change in the current law is a step in the right direction for eliminating unnecessary fees for drivers; however, there remains a lot of room for improvement in the laws that still remain on the books.

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