Defective Products

Michigan Personal Injury Attorney for Product Liability Cases
Injuries caused by defective or dangerous products are more common than one may suppose. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to not only apply due diligence but to ensure that the products they produce are safe when properly used. At the Clark Law Office a dedicated Michigan personal injury lawyer has the experience and drive needed to get the results a client who has suffered a personal injury is looking for. The firm handles injury cases involving birth injuries, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, slip and falls, wrongful death and even dog bites. Such injuries as a result of a negligent individual or group can very negatively impact a person’s life and a lawyer at the firm believes strongly in doing everything possible on the client’s behalf to recover appropriate damages. Make sure those liable for your injuries are held accountable by having strong representation on your side.

About Defective Products Injuries
Defective products or product liability cases involve any instance where the proper instructed or prescribed use of a product or prescription drug resulted in injury. Dangerous prescription drugs or a prescription that was filled with the wrong dosage or wrong drug altogether are examples of product negligence. Whether a design or manufacturing defect is the cause, you have the right to seek damages for your injury. Examples of consumer product liabilities are poorly designed products, insufficient or omitted warning labels, faulty manufacturing of a product, poor quality of a part or parts resulting in malfunction and accident and many more.

Whether it is a toaster or a car, designers, manufacturers, distributors and sellers are responsible for the consumer products they are concerned with. If you have suffered injury due to a defective product a lawyer with the firm may be able to get you compensation to cover medical bills, pain, suffering, property damage and more.