Michigan Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Attorneys in Lansing, Michigan
The Clark Law Office has successfully handled Michigan marijuana cases for 30 years. Our team has the experience and the knowledge of Michigan drug law to represent you aggressively. You can trust Michigan medical marijuana lawyer David M. Clark and The Clark Law Office. We are striving to become the premiere Michigan medical marijuana lawyers in the entire state of Michigan. We recently joined the NORML legal committee to prove our committment to Michigan residents needing legal help involving marijuana. We recognize the confusion regarding the intricacies of Michigan drug law and we will fight for you. No matter the legal issue, The Clark Law Office will protect your rights, and provide the unwavering defense you deserve and demand. If you are a suspect, under investigation, or have been charged with anything related to marijuana, contact the Clark Law Office today for specialized legal advice. The newly formulated Michigan medical marijuana act provides an opportunity to the residents of Michigan to receive a Michigan marijuana card.

We receive many questions and concerns regarding the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA). We have provided a Michigan Medical Marihuana (MMMA) Page about the MMMA including many of the basic provisions. Hopefully this will help you find the answer you’re looking for right away.