Child Custody in Michigan
One of the most important aspects to address during the divorce process is child custody. Unfortunately, child custody is also one of the most hotly contested issues during a divorce as well. During a divorce or separation, it’s important to keep your child’s best interest in mind when deciding on a child custody arrangement. As important as it is for you to maintain a strong relationship with your children, it’s even more important for your children to maintain some sense of stability after a divorce or legal separation.

Although a divorce or separation is never easy, especially for the child, it’s much easier on everyone when you and your spouse or partner are able to mutually agree on a child custody arrangement. The best possible situation is for parents to share equal custody of the child. However, 50/50 joint custody isn’t always possible, whether due to scheduling conflicts or because the parents cannot reach a mutual agreement. In the event that you and your spouse or partner cannot agree on child custody arrangement, the courts will intervene. When a family law judge is brought in to determine a child custody arrangement, his or her main concern will be protecting the child’s best interest. An experienced Lansing child custody attorney is required so the court and the Friend of the Court will be presented with all the information in order to make an informed and correct decision on parenting time.

Types of Custody and Parenting Time Arrangements
There are four main types of custody arrangements:

Joint Physical Custody: the child resides with both parents, although the amount of time the child spends at each parent’s home may or may not be equal.
Sole Physical Custody: the child resides with only one parent. In most cases, the parent without physical custody is awarded visitation rights.
Joint Legal Custody: both parents have the authority to make legal decisions on behalf of the child.
Sole Legal Custody: only one parent has right to make legal decisions for the child.

Child Custody and Parenting Time Modifications
If you and your child’s other parent find that your original child custody or parenting time agreement is no longer responsive to the needs of your child and your family, consider taking your custody case back to court to seek a modification of your custody order. By seeking a formal modification to your order, you are protecting yourself, your child, and your working relationship with the other parent.

Contact Child Custody Attorneys at the Clark Law Office
It’s very important to hire your own Lansing child custody lawyer to represent you during the legal process. When you come to the Clark Law Office, our attorneys will take the time to inform you of your rights, explain your best options, and help you prepare a strong and compelling argument to convince the judge that your children should remain in your custody. Once the child custody hearing begins, our attorneys will make sure your parental rights are not overlooked or ignored in court.