Child Support

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In the wake of a divorce or legal separation, it’s important to keep things as stable as possible for your children. This includes making sure they maintain the same standard of living they had when you and your spouse or partner were living together. It’s important to understand that just because your marriage or partnership is ending, it does not mean your relationship and responsibilities to your children is also ending. As a parent, you have a legal and ethical obligation to make sure your children have the financial security to live a happy and healthy life.

Child Support Law
It’s not uncommon for two parents to disagree over the amount of child support that is to be paid. If you and your spouse or partner are unable to reach a mutual decision in regards to child support, the courts will intervene. The courts use a complex formula to determine which parent will pay child support, and how much one or both parents are required to pay. In simple terms, the formula calculates each parent’s income, the number of children who require support and the amount of parenting time the paying parent has. Other factors that play a role in determining child support include:

  • The child custody arrangement
  • If one or both parents are currently paying support for children from a different relationship
  • If one or both parents are paying for the children’s medical insurance or expenses
  • Which parent claims the children on his/her taxes
  • If any of the children have any special needs that require additional support
    All other costs associated with raising and caring for the children.

Child Support Modification
Child support orders can be modified to meet different needs in the parents’ or child’s life. Either parent can petition the court for a modification. The court will then determine whether there has been a significant change in circumstances either concerning the child’s needs or the payer parent’s ability to financially meet his or her obligations. The request or modification will usually be sent to the Friend of the Court for a review or contested hearing. Your should have an experienced attorney advise and represent you when you have your meeting with the Friend of the court.

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