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Holding medical professionals accountable for negligence

Medical malpractice is frightening for many reasons, but perhaps foremost among them is the breach of trust: Where are patients supposed to turn for medical help if their own doctors harm them? Our firm has more than 25 years of experience helping medical malpractice victims get the restitution they deserve. If your medical treatment produced harmful results, call our Law Office today for a free consultation to discuss your options.medical malpractice law

Requirements for a medical malpractice claim

There are three components that must be met for a medical malpractice claim to succeed:

Negligence. Every healthcare professional — doctors, nurses, lab technicians and nearly everyone else providing a service in the healthcare industry — must meet a standard of care. That standard of care holds that a healthcare professional must act like any other reasonably prudent professional in a similar situation.

Causation. The law also requires that the healthcare professional’s negligence caused the resulting injury. A healthcare professional may be guilty of medical malpractice for actively doing something harmful or for omitting something from treatment that led to harm. For more than 25 years, our firm has established cause for the medical malpractice victims he’s represented throughout Texas.

Injury. There must be an injury, although it may be  physical, mental or emotional.

Common medical malpractice claims

Medical malpractice may be claimed against almost any type of medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. The most common medical malpractice claims allege:

Failure to recognize symptoms

Unnecessary surgery, treatment or medication

Misinterpreting lab results


Surgical errors

Prescribing an inappropriate medication or dosage

Poor follow-up

Premature hospital discharge

Call our Law Office today for a free consultation

If you or someone you know may be a victim of medical malpractice, call our office for a free consultation. Our firm offers contingency fee payment plans: no recovery, no fee. Our office has plenty of parking and easy access to public transportation. We offer flexible office hours to accommodate clients, but we also make home or hospital visits if you cannot come to us.

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Regrettably, something we have seen recently, which is very troubling, are cases where fly-by-night trucking companies which have failed to register with either state or federal authorities operate nonetheless with minimum insurance coverage insufficient to protect the rights of the innocent motoring public. The state and federal regulatory scheme is such that all commercial motor carriers for hire are required to register with state and federal authorities. The reasons for this are obvious. By registering with the state, the state can make sure that all commercial motor carriers are financially responsible should they cause damage to the public. Also, by registering with the state, the state can collect taxes and other fees and also regulate the safety of the motor carrier’s operations. The same is true on a federal level. The problem emerges, however, when the commercial motor carrier fails to register at all. In this context, in order to get business, such a carrier typically will still have to have an insurance certificate from an insurance company certifying to their client/customer that they have insurance coverage. The problem is such insurance coverage is typically inadequate to protect the needs of the public and also creates legal problems in the event of a subsequent claim.truck accident lawyers

If a motor carrier fails to register with either the state or federal government, then typically the insurance company also fails to file required certificates of coverage also required by such authorities. On a state level, motor carriers are required to file a Uniform Bodily Injury Certificate of Insurance (usually in the form of a Form E filing) which indicates that the insurance company for the commercial motor carrier has issued a liability insurance policy to the motor carrier. Unless a Form E is filed, however, in many states, there is no automatic liability of the insurance carrier for the negligent acts of the commercial motor carrier. Thus, we have the anomalous situation where those who comply with the law, that is those who register with the state and file certificates of insurance are in a position to protect the public whereas those who disobey the law are benefitted thereby because the insurance companies can then claim that having filed no Form E with the state, they have no liability to the public. This unjust result obviously needs to be addressed by legislatures nationwide and yet the problem continues to exist.

Not only is this a problem on a state level, this is also a problem on the federal level. Commercial motor carriers for hire who operate in interstate commerce are required to file with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration a Form MCS-90 which again certifies that they have adequate insurance coverage to protect the public in the event of a accident involving personal injuries. For those carriers that fail to register with the federal government but nonetheless operate in interstate commerce, the same problem emerges. The insurance company does not file the MCS-90 because they have not been requested to do so. The insurance company nonetheless has information to believe that the insured for which it has provided coverage is operating commercially in interstate commerce. Nonetheless, by virtue of not filing a MCS-90 form with the federal government, the insurance company can make the argument that it has no duty to the public in the event of a subsequent claim for personal injuries. Again, those who violate the law benefit from their violation whereas those who comply with the law are required to provide insurance coverage for the public in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Again, this anomalous result which still exists today, needs to be addressed by Congress.semi truck accident attorneys

It has been our unfortunate experience that when fly-by-night carriers cause great damage to our clients, regrettably, collecting under their insurance policies has proven to be exceedingly difficult. While we will continue to do everything we can to represent our innocent clients most of the legal problems encountered in such cases could be easily addressed by state and federal authorities. We can only hope that this loophole in the law will be corrected before other innocent people needless suffer from the acts of fly-by-night motor carriers operating in intrastate and interstate commerce. More Information about Truck Accident Law can be found here

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Texas personal injury cases can be quite complex. That is why choosing the right legal professionals to represent your case is so important. These cases result when it is found that another party’s actions lead to your injury. The injured person generally has the right to file a lawsuit to receive monetary damages from the defendant. Because these cases involve only bodily injury, and not financial loss of any kind, unique challenges can arise when the cases are brought to court. To receive more information, call us regarding Texas personal injury cases.

Texas personal injury cases help deal with the unintended medical expenses, and pain and suffering associated with your injury. At Texas Personal Injury Accident Attorneys, we have successfully represented countless cases just like yours over the past three decades. There are many financial burdens that can result from your injuries. Medical bills and loss of time working are the most common. When a person’s injuries are serious enough, they can lead to long term disability and loss of income. Please call us if you have questions related to Texas personal injury cases.personal injury attorneys

Most of the cases the handle in this area of the law include:

· People who are injured in car accidents

· The families of babies who suffer injuries during birth

· People who slip and fall, or are otherwise injured by unsafe conditions

· Dog attacks are quite common, especially in the valley

· Our clients are often injured while at work

Texas Personal Injury Cases Protect your Family’s Future

Texas personal injury cases can help secure your financial future after an event. After you have been injured, it is important to seek medical attention. Do not wait for compensation. The legal process can often last longer than expected. Visiting the doctor for your injuries gives you legal proof of your injuries that will help give your case credibility. Once your health has improved, we urge you to seek legal representation. Our team of experts have decades of experience in this area of the law. Please call us about Texas personal injury cases.personal Injury lawyers - Car Accident

We have Experience Handling Texas Personal Injury Cases

Texas personal injury cases are often complex and delicate matters. When you visit our law firm, we will evaluate your injury, explain your legal options, and plan the best course of action moving forward. If we feel that your claim is legitimate, we will represent you with the full power of our law office. Texas is a state with a statute of limitations law on the books, and therefore, it important to seek legal advice in a timely manner. Failing to do so could result in a loss of eligibility for compensation. Often, these types of cases are settled out of court, when both sides agree on damages. Even so, proper legal representation is key to ensure you receive the maximum settlement possible. If you have any questions at all, please call us regarding Texas personal injury cases. More on this website

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Personal Injury is a term often heard in the legal profession. It is typically used to describe an injury which was obtained through no fault of the victim in the case. Personal injury can occur at the work place, at a department store, in the home of a friend or relative, or as a result of an auto accident. One of the biggest mistakes people who have been injured in accidents make is failing to contact an attorney at the time of their injury.personal injury attorneys
In some situations, victims of personal injury cases do not even bother filing police reports or accident reports. If you or someone you know has been injured in some sort of accident, it is important to seek legal representation immediately. Even if the injury may not seem very severe at the time, there is always the possibility of recurring or lasting consequences from what could seem like a very slight injury.
At our law firm, we take personal injury cases very seriously and will do everything in our power to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. There will more than likely be medical bills, losses of wages and a number of other financial hardships as a result of your injury and there is no reason you should have to face these things alone.
With a competent team of lawyers on your side, you will have peace of mind in knowing that someone is out there working for you. If any type of negligence or carelessness can be proven then you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. The amount of compensation will vary depending on the severity of the injury.personal Injury lawyers - Car Accident
If you are like most people then this is not something you have had to deal with before. There is no reason for you to take on the weight of the situation without someone to represent you and file your claim.
Contact us at to schedule your consultation. The sooner we begin working on your case, the sooner you will get resolution to your situation.