Slip and Falls

A slip and fall accident occurs when a person slips and falls due to a hazardous condition on the premises where they were walking. The law in Michigan is very complex and the need to have a skilled Lansing injury attorney review your case and preserve evidence is very important. In Michigan even where the owner is negligent you must still prove the defect to the property was not “open and obvious”. Open and obvious is a term of art in the law and is very complex. There are many factors that could contribute to a slip and fall accident, such as:

  • Broken stairs or handrails
  • Tattered or torn carpets
  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Obstructed walkways
  • Exposed holes or ditches
  • Poor lighting
  • Falling objects
  • Floor collapse
  • Failure to post warning signs
  • Ice

Although it may not seem like a slip and fall would lead to a serious injury, the truth is a slip and fall accident can easily result in crippling conditions to the victim. Injures common in a slip and fall accident include head trauma, brain injury, back and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken or fractured bones, permanent disability, and more.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a slip and fall, you may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the property. Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure their premises are free of any dangerous conditions that could lead to an accident. If you can prove that you slip and fell due to such a condition, and that incident led to a serious injury and the defect to the property was not “open and obvious” you will be entitled to collect compensation. With the help of an experienced Lansing slip and fall lawyer, you could recover compensation for your pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical bills and hospitalization expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, future lost wages, and decreased quality of life.

Contact a Skilled Slip & Fall Lawyer
If you’re looking for someone to handle your case, it’s important to find a slip and fall attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled at recovering a favorable settlement on behalf of his clients. David M. Clark and the attorneys at The Clark Law Office are those attorneys. Attorney David M. Clark has been representing accident and injury victims for 30 years in Lansing, Howell and Jackson. He knows what it takes to prepare and litigate a successful slip and fall case. The Clark Law Office is committed to protecting our clients’ best interest, and helping them recover the compensation they rightfully deserve!

Drug Charges

Aggressive Michigan Drug Attorneys Helping Clients Facing All Types of Drug Charges
If you are currently a suspect, under investigation, have been arrested or formally charged with any state or federal drug crime in Michigan, you can rely on Michigan drug attorney David M. Clark to fight for you. The Clark Law Office understands that a drug conviction will undoubtedly result in very serious penalties. To ensure your charges do not escalate into a conviction, attorney David M. Clark and The Clark Law Office is committed to fighting hard to resolve your criminal case in the best possible outcome. Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges, possession, or you have been charged with a felony crime for drug manufacturing, distribution or conspiracy you can depend on The Clark Law Office to stand up to the prosecution, protect your rights, and to provide you with the uncompromising defense you need throughout your case.

Our Michigan Drug Defense Attorneys Handle All Types of Drug Crimes and Charges
Michigan drug defense attorney David Clark has successfully defended many clients through Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos and surrounding areas against a variety of drug crimes including:

  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug importation
  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug sale or distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug transportation
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Being under the influence of drugs
  • Juvenile drug crimes

The penalties for these crimes depend largely on two factors: the type of drugs involved, and the quantity of drugs involved. It’s obvious that the larger the quantity of drugs involved, the more severe the charges and penalties will be. But certain drugs carry heavier penalties than others. For instance, being in possession of marijuana is a lesser offense than being in possession of the same amount of heroin or cocaine. That being said, a person will face harsher penalties for trafficking large quantities of marijuana than they would for possessing a small amount of heroin.

Contact an Experienced Michigan Drug Attorney To Protect Your Rights
To determine what types of charges and penalties you may face, as well what can be done to avoid them, it’s best to speak with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney right away. With the help of a well-practiced lawyer, you will have a much better chance at avoiding such penalties as imprisonment, large fines, probation, mandatory drug counseling, license suspension, and the loss of certain rights.