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Michigan Welfare Drug Testing?

Many Michigan residents are concerned over a possible law that would require drug testing for all welfare recipients in the state. The proposal has brought alot of controversy including many people that feel recipients should recieve much needed help with their problems instead of being shunned by the system. Regardless, the proposed drug testing will also apply to new applicants in addition to current applicants.

Unlike a previous drug testing system which was halted many years ago, this drug testing will only be a one time process. The test would not be random in nature. The premise behind this proposal is that it would better utilize the tax dollars from Michigan residents. Policymakers must feel that this increases the way our tax dollars are being used. One important clarification that I will be following is whether this law will be applied to all recipients or just those suspected of drug use. The legislation was introduced last month in the state House. According to the state department, testing is very feasible and they expect a program for suspicion-based drug testing. I wonder when we will start drug testing for politicians, that would be the day. The America Civil Liberties Union has publised a comprehensive position opposed to the testing which can be found on their website.

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