Worker's Compensation

Under the Michigan Workers´ Disability Compensation Act, almost all Michigan employers are required to carry workers´ compensation insurance, to cover an employee who suffers an ” injury arising out of and in the course of employment.” A Michigan worker who is hurt on the job is entitled to benefits for wage loss, life time medical treatment, and rehabilitation services resulting from the Michigan work-related injury.

Under Michigan law, workers´ compensation wage loss benefits are 80% of the after-tax value of your average weekly wage. There are some complicated features to calculating wage loss benefits. When a worker’s weekly salary varies from week to week, wage loss benefits are based on the average of the 39 highest paid weeks in the last 52 weeks.

If an injured worker returns to work part-time, or at a lower-paying job, that individual still may be eligible for partial wage loss benefits, to cover part of the difference between the amount he or she earned before and after the work-related injury.

Michigan workers´ compensation pays for all medical care that is reasonable and necessary for treatment of a work-related injury, for as long as the worker requires treatment. Thus, a worker with a serious or chronic injury may be eligible for these medical benefits for years, or even for the rest of his or her life.

However, many times disputes with your employer may arise about what is reasonable and necessary treatment. Also many times Employers will tell you not to fill out an incident report that under Michigan Law needs to be filled out and given to your employer to receive workers compensation benefits. Additionally, the formulas for calculating your benefits can be very complex and confusing. For these reasons and many others you should enlist the help of an experienced Lansing workers’ compensation attorney such as David M. Clark and the attorneys at The Clark law Office to help you get the benefits you deserve. Seek the legal guidance that you need to complete and file a worker’s compensation complaint and receive the results that you are owed. We will file the complaint and have it filed with the Workers Compensation Bureau usually the day of your appointment.