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Michigan May Allow Stun Guns and Tasers

A proposal which would allow residents to own a stun gun is going through the Michigan Legislature currently. There are already 44 other states that have enacted such measures. The Michigan senate already approved the measure by a vote of 35-3, indicating it won’t face too much opposition.

The measure will make it perfectly legal for residents to own a stun gun permitting they have a current concealed pistol license. Although the weapon is considered non-lethal, there have been many instances where death has occured due to heart failure resulting from the electrical shock from the device. Most of these cases actually involve the police, since the majority of stun-gun owners are law enforcement officers.

I agree that a stun-gun is less dangerous than a real firearm, but there are other considerations to account for. I know I would be more likely to use a stun gun than a real firearm since the result most likely doesn’t end in death. I’m sure others think this way as well and we don’t really know enough about the long-term consequences, or how willing people will be using one. I mean this is the country where pepper spray is used to get the best deals on black friday at Wal-Mart, who knows what we’ll do with a stun gun! I will keep you updated and let you know if this measure passes through legislature.

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