Drunk Driving

Trusted Representation For Any Type of Drunk Driving Case in all of Michigan
For 30 years, Michigan DUI attorney David M. Clark has been successfully defending clients against drunk driving charges by utilizing his legal expertise, effectively challenging the evidence in court, and by aggressively standing up for his clients’ rights. Having started his career as a prosecutor, David M. Clark knows what it takes to win your case and how the prosecutor will attempt to build the case against you.

A Michigan DUI Offense can leave you alone and up against a daunting system while facing life altering charges. A drunk driving offense can lead to the loss of your license, the loss of your job and even the loss of your freedom. To successfully get through this experience it is important to find a DUI Attorney that can use their DUI legal expertise to protect your rights. However, after you have been charged with a drunk driving offense you need an attorney that not only understands the law but understands how to effectively challenge the evidence obtained against you.

An Experienced Michigan DUI Attorney Can Attain Evidence To Challenge Your Charge
In order to protect your rights against a Michigan drunk driving charge it is important to consider and challenge the sufficiency of all the evidence against the accused. David M. Clark and the Clark Law Office have successfully defended DUI’s by exposing the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and challenging those weaknesses, which includes:

Quality of the driving at the time of the stop
Officer’s decision to stop the vehicle
Officer’s decision to force you to exit the vehicle
Field sobriety tests
Preliminary Breath Test
The Arrest
Blood, Chemical, Urine Tests
Police Conduct

Drunk Driving Penalites and Fines | Choosing The Right Michigan DUI Attorney

OWI 1st – Misdemeanor
1 or more of the following: Up to 93 days in jail; $100-$500 fine or; up to 360 hours of community service
License suspended for 30 days and license restricted for 150 days
Six points on driver’s license
Possible court ordered ignition interlock
Possible vehicle immobilization for up to 180 days.

OWI 2nd – Misdemeanor
$200-$1,000 fine and one or more of the following: 5 days to 1 year in jail; 30-90 days community service
Minimum 1 year license revocation or denial
Plate confiscation
Vehicle immobilization required for 90-180 days

OWI 3rd – Felony
$500-$5,000 fine and either of the following: 1-5 years prison; probation with 30 days to 1 year in jail and 60-180 days community service
1 to 5 years revocation of license
Plate confiscation
Vehicle immobilization required form 1 to 3 years unless forfeited
Registration denial required
Possible forfeiture
Don’t let a guily DUI conviction negatively affect the rest of your life. Make sure you call an experienced Michigan DUI attorney before you plead guilty to any DUI related charge. Put your mind at ease and let us get the best possible outcome for your situation.