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Michigan Firework Regulations Undergoing Change

Michigan recently signed into law new regulations regarding the purchase and use of high powered fireworks. Before this law passed, Michigan had in place some of the stricter regulations in the entire country. Many residents drove to border states to buy their precious fireworks for the 4th of July. The State of Michigan was hurting from this lost revenue and has decided to change the law. With the economy in Michigan being what it is, I see this change as a good thing. Obviously there is concern with the possibility of more accidents occuring, but I feel people got their fireworks whether they were from Michigan or not. This law also increases the fees corresponding to selling and using upgraded fireworks. If you are a business in Michigan selling this new class of fireworks, you must pay a $1000 fee for permanent business locations or a $600 fee for a non-permanent location. Consumers will also pay increased prices for their fireworks. A 6% fireworks safety fee is being applied to purchases from consumers. Hopefully this change will provided some much needed revenue for the struggling Michigan economy.

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