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A recent study has been performed regarding the traffic deaths from 1990 to 2009. The study looked at data from all 50 states but focused in on the states that have passed medical marijuana legislation. It turns out that states with medical marijuana provision have had a 9% decrease in all traffic fatalities. The study was done by professors at the University of Oregon, Montana State University, and The University of Colorado-Denver. The study doesn’t address what the reason behind this decrease in traffic deaths is due to, but many people believe that more people are ingesting medical marijuana instead of alcohol. It would be interesting to see if the amount of alcohol sales dropped along with the traffic fatalities. If I hear any more information about this topic, I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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Helping Michigan Accident and Injury Victims Receive the Compensation They Deserve
The experienced Michigan personal injury attorneys at The Clark Law Office have collected over $20 million dollars for injured clients and have never charged a client a fee unless we won. Dave Clark realizes that a serious accident can change your life in an instant. In a split second an accident can leave you injured, alone and dealing with problems that you are unsure how to handle. Although your physical pain is a major concern, you are left out to dry with mounting medical bills that the insurance company refuses to pay. In many cases, your injury limits your ability to work and you are unable to pay your bills and support your family.

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The Michigan accident attorneys at our firm have over 30 years of legal experience. Our attorneys serve clients with a wide range of Michigan personal injury and wrongful death cases. This includes those that result from all kinds of auto accidents, including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, snowmobile accidents, bus accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents and workplace accidents. We can handle complex medical malpractice and birth injury cases against hospitals, doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals who have failed to provide proper medical care to you or a loved one and can address catastrophic injury claims related to severe burns, amputation, brain damage and spinal cord injury. In our pursuit of justice and fair compensation for our injured clients, we also handle workers’ compensation cases and can handle Social Security claims as well.

If you or someone you love has been injured, you need a tough, experienced attorney who is willing to fight for you and your family. Our Lansing injury attorneys have spent their lives helping people get the money and the advice they deserve.

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Seeking justice against the individual or business that is responsible for causing your injuries can bring peace of mind in an otherwise dark time. Our Michigan personal injury attorneys have won millions for our clients. We fight for our clients and obtain the compensation that they deserve. To learn more about how we can fight to protect your rights and the rights of your family, please call our offices at (517) 347-6900. Your initial injury consultation is free and confidential, and we work on personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis – you pay no legal fees unless we negotiate a settlement or win a verdict on your behalf. Let us fight for the monetary damages that will cover your medical bills, lost earnings and other losses or expenses that you have faced and may face in the future. We wish to help you rebuild your life and move on, even if a serious injury has made this seem difficult or impossible.

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Many Michigan residents are concerned over a possible law that would require drug testing for all welfare recipients in the state. The proposal has brought alot of controversy including many people that feel recipients should recieve much needed help with their problems instead of being shunned by the system. Regardless, the proposed drug testing will also apply to new applicants in addition to current applicants.

Unlike a previous drug testing system which was halted many years ago, this drug testing will only be a one time process. The test would not be random in nature. The premise behind this proposal is that it would better utilize the tax dollars from Michigan residents. Policymakers must feel that this increases the way our tax dollars are being used. One important clarification that I will be following is whether this law will be applied to all recipients or just those suspected of drug use. The legislation was introduced last month in the state House. According to the state department, testing is very feasible and they expect a program for suspicion-based drug testing. I wonder when we will start drug testing for politicians, that would be the day. The America Civil Liberties Union has publised a comprehensive position opposed to the testing which can be found on their website.