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New Michigan Law Regarding Beer Kegs

What is the new Michigan Keg Law?

Starting November 1st, consumers of Kegs will have to verify who purchased the keg through use of identification tags on the keg itself. The purchaser will be made to reveal their personal information including proper name, address, phone and some sort of personal identification. What is the reasoning behind the new law? To allow police officers to easily identify who purchased the keg and who is responsible. Say goodbye to kegs at undergraduate universities with underage students. Essentially this law allows the police to give the responsible party a ticket for serving to minors. You would have to be crazy to go sign up to buy a keg. As everyone know parties can sometimes get out of control and you would be responsible for the neglect of others. Doesn’t seem to fair to me. Anyways expect the volume of cased beer to increase because nobody is going to stop drinking, lets not be silly.

What are the Consequences of the Keg Law?

The identification tag must be returned with the keg upon return. There will be an additional $30 deposit upon purchase and in order to recieve this back, you got it, the tag must be with the keg. Failure to do so or removal of the tag is punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500, which seems pretty harsh in itself. I foresee the amount of keg party’s to fall flat on its face, and I’m sure some local business won’t be happy, especially around college campuses.

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