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Drug Checkpoints Appearing in Michigan

Drug Checkpoints in Michigan

A new tactic is being deployed by the Genesee County sherriff. Motorists in the Flint area have been subjected to random drug checkpoints. This is a highly controversial strategy, but it’s being done anyway. Considering the ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court against sobriety check lanes, it would seem likely these checkpoints won’t hold up in court. The only real way to stop the practice is for one of the accused/charged to fight in court.

How Are The Checkpoints Being Used?

At first, the checkpoints were conducted often daily, but now that people have caught on they are once again changing their strategy. The checkpoints aren’t popping up as often and the times seem very random. There are also claims that police are only stopping people that see the sign and then make a u-turn. In turn this avoidance gives them probable cause to conduct a search. Obviously this tactic is also controversial and seems like entrapment to me.

The highly debated legal environment surrounding Michigan Medical Marijuana laws adds another dimension. Motorists are scared to drive around Flint even with a medical marijuana card. It will be interesting to see how this pans out and no doubt I will keep you updated on any events related to these drug checkpoints.

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