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One Year Residency Required To Grow Michigan Medical Marijuana

Apparantly the Senators in Michigan feel that out of state residents are taking advantage of Michigan and our Michigan Marijuana Law. In a state that is well known as struggling and leading the nation in residents leaving the state, we are going to make another hurdle to attracting out of state residents. Senator Jones and Schuitmakker are drafting legislation that would require one year of Michigan residency before obtaining a Michigan Medical Marijuana card.

If there is actual proof of this going on, I could see taking this measure as a precaution. Unfortunately, there is none. As of now the requirement for obtaining a card is a Michigan driver’s license. The “threat” is out of state residents renting homes in Michigan. The rental receipts are then used to obtain a Michigan driver’s license….OH NO. These people would be investing in Michigan including paying taxes. Let’s just turn them away! This seems more like a political move by republicans to show their stand against MMA law. You really think this will sove the problem? I think not.

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