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Had an Accident, You Need a Good Lawyer

Anyone who has been in a car accident may need the services of a car injury attorney. These lawyers can help in recovering your losses due to the accident. They can also help you deal with the insurance companies, who are never out to help you, only themselves. By contacting a car injury attorney quickly after the accident, you give yourself the best chance of having a successful outcome in the resolving of your case, and to get the compensation you are owed.personal Injury lawyers - Car Accident

The following is some vital information about hiring a car injury lawyer:

Why Do You Need One?

Sadly, car accidents happen every day. Most all of the personal injury claims filed within the U.S. are from accidents involving trucks, cars, or other types of motor vehicles. The damages from these types of accidents can range from minor ‘fender benders’ to totaled cars and injured people. Many times these are easily handled through the insurance companies. However, when they involved personal injury or fatalities, then legal representation is needed to see that the compensation is right. That’s why you need a car accident attorney.

Hiring an experience car accident lawyer will help ensure that your compensation is what you need and deserve. With personal injury accidents there can be costly medical expenses, car repairs, and lost wages. There are also situations when there are fatalities, and a car accident attorney can help you recover for losing a loved one. This is especially true if the accident involved drunk driving, speeding, or reckless driving. Your attorney will prove negligence on the side of the other party.

What You Need to Look For When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney:

These attorneys handle a broad range of issues that spring out of a car accident. It could be wrongful death, liability determination, destruction of property, or personal injury. When you look for your own legal representation you want to concentrate on the experience level of the lawyer, their commitment, specializations, and track record. Money should factor in as well.accident lawyers

Here are some things to look for:

Make sure your car injury lawyer is well versed in both state and national laws regarding transportation. They should be adept at dealing with insurance companies as well as healthcare companies. You want your attorney to be able to prepare and settle your case in a way that gets you the compensation you deserve. Always check reference and do some background checking.

Another tip is that the good attorneys will take your case on contingency. That means if they don’t win, they don’t get paid. They will study your case to determine if it has enough merit to take it on. You should make yourself aware of their fee structure to ensure that you come out with what you need as well, after the attorney fees have been paid.

When Should You Hire Your Car Injury Lawyer?

The sooner after the accident the better. There are usually deadlines for doing so that vary from one state to the next. Make sure if you think you have a case, to not drag your feet in contacting an attorney. The sooner the better.

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No-Cost, No-Obligation Texas Accident Attorneys Attorney Consultation

One of the worst things in life any person or family ever has to do is contact a personal injury attorney. Things have gone wrong beyond belief if you find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer, a serious accident that wasn’t your fault or the death of a loved one. For most of us, the events are overwhelming and the thought of having to contact an attorney and possible go through a lawsuit is distasteful. Often, regardless of the severity of the accident or death, that we prefer to accept whatever settlement is offered by the insurance company or corporation that caused the injury or death. We know and understand the reason why, people rarely trust personal injury attorneys. As a profession, there are those among us that have earned this reputation. Everyone has seen a personal injury law firm ad that made us shake our heads and think “they don’t care, they are only in it for the money.” accident lawyers

We do things differently; we want to earn your trust before asking to be your attorney. And if you place your trust in us, we pledge to not disappoint you. This doesn’t mean we win every case – not every case can be won, but we will do our best and we believe that it is better than many, if not most, others. From the way cases our handled to the way we treat clients, we will exceed your expectations. Far too many personal injury clients are treated like paychecks waiting to be cashed, not like real people who have suffered unspeakable loss. The truth is that no personal injury lawyer can provide justice to someone who has experienced a severe injury or lost a loved one – all we can do is attempt to win financial compensation. Money. But money matters; it doesn’t make life better, but it can make it easier. money can pay for extraordinary medical care, it can be used to customize homes and vehicles for those permanently disabled, can pay for college for a parent that won’t be around to have the pride of working hard to put their kids through college, or even just pay for day-to-day bills.

As someone going through this dreadful process, there is one thing that we firmly believe in – your personal injury attorney shouldn’t leave you in the dark. No personal injury law firm should ever not take or return a client’s phone calls or e-mails. YOU are the one person who deserves to always know what is going on with your case. You have gone through too much already and we want to be part of a financial solution, not another problem or frustration.

Our Approach to Accident in Texas

Personal injury lawyers typically love to talk about what tough negotiators they are or how skilled they are in front of a jury. The reality is that we don’t want our clients’ cases to have to go to trial, but if it does, our record as trial lawyers is excellent. It is almost always the pre-trial work that determines a case’s outcome. Such personal injury trial preparation usually begins with safety engineers, medical experts and other consultants that help make our case. Like everything else in life, this costs money. We believe in investing in the very best in order to give us the best possible outcome for you rather than trying to maximize the profits for our law firm. After all, we commit our money in hopes of a small percentage so that we may handle your case with zero out of pocket expenses to your or your family. We don’t spare expenses and we bring in the very best safety engineers in order to know exactly what led to the accident so that we can provide your case beyond a shadow of a doubt. We take our engineers findings and then use extensive computer-engineered 3D modeling to create frame-by-frame accident re-creation videos. You know what happened to yourself or a loved one – and that it was not your fault – and this is one of the tools that we use prove it. The companies that were negligent to the extent of causing an accident want to wear you down in order to make you accept a small settlement. The very best way for them to do that is to outspend their opponent, which unfortunately is the case in many, if not most, personal injury lawsuits. personal injury attorneys

We don’t take every case because we can’t provide the facts on all cases. But if we can, you have a tireless, unflinching advocate. The practice of law is a service industry, a distinction lost on far too many personal injury attorneys. We are different, we are better; we are here to help.

No Fees Unless We Collect for You – Contingency Texas Accident Attorneys Representation

Our Accident Attorneys handle all Accident cases on a contingency basis. This means that we receive a percentage of your settlement or jury award, typically between 30 – 40 percent, but we receive nothing if we are unable to collect any amount for you. Such Accident Attorneys contingency representation gives us the incentive to not only get the largest amount possible for you, but do so in the shortest amount of time possible. As your case progresses, we may have tens of thousands of dollars invested in it, giving our Accident Attorneys great incentive to achieve the best result for you. The best result is often a combination of both the amount and time, and our Accident Attorneys strive to achieve that for you. No matter how much money we have invested in your case, that will not become our primary concern – seeing that you get the settlement you deserve will always be our foremost consideration.

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Helping Michigan Accident and Injury Victims Receive the Compensation They Deserve
The experienced Michigan personal injury attorneys at The Clark Law Office have collected over $20 million dollars for injured clients and have never charged a client a fee unless we won. Dave Clark realizes that a serious accident can change your life in an instant. In a split second an accident can leave you injured, alone and dealing with problems that you are unsure how to handle. Although your physical pain is a major concern, you are left out to dry with mounting medical bills that the insurance company refuses to pay. In many cases, your injury limits your ability to work and you are unable to pay your bills and support your family.

With thirty years of trial experience on your side, Lansing personal injury attorney David Clark can provide you the dedication, knowledge, and experience in winning to obtain the results you deserve quickly, while at the same time giving you the personal attention you need. Matthew Clark proudly joined his father, providing additional energy, determination, and enthusiasm about obtaining justice for his clients in the practice of Michigan personal injury law. Our firm provides you a rock solid foundation for obtaining the results you need with experience, proven excellence and new innovative legal strategies. We will be by your side to help you reach the results you deserve while not treating you like a number, but like a person and a friend.

Lansing Personal Injury Lawyers With The Trial Experience and Results to Be Successful
The Michigan accident attorneys at our firm have over 30 years of legal experience. Our attorneys serve clients with a wide range of Michigan personal injury and wrongful death cases. This includes those that result from all kinds of auto accidents, including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, snowmobile accidents, bus accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents and workplace accidents. We can handle complex medical malpractice and birth injury cases against hospitals, doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals who have failed to provide proper medical care to you or a loved one and can address catastrophic injury claims related to severe burns, amputation, brain damage and spinal cord injury. In our pursuit of justice and fair compensation for our injured clients, we also handle workers’ compensation cases and can handle Social Security claims as well.

If you or someone you love has been injured, you need a tough, experienced attorney who is willing to fight for you and your family. Our Lansing injury attorneys have spent their lives helping people get the money and the advice they deserve.

Not only does this site contain helpful information about our firm’s focus on personal injury claims, but you can learn more about our practice in Michigan criminal law and Michigan family law. We welcome you to call our offices to undergo a strictly confidential consultation about your legal matter, whatever your concerns or questions may be. Our experience, resources, and compassionate client service are all tailored at assisting our clients in seeking a swift and positive resolution to their case.

Trusted Representation After Your Injury From a Lansing Injury Attorney
Seeking justice against the individual or business that is responsible for causing your injuries can bring peace of mind in an otherwise dark time. Our Michigan personal injury attorneys have won millions for our clients. We fight for our clients and obtain the compensation that they deserve. To learn more about how we can fight to protect your rights and the rights of your family, please call our offices at (517) 347-6900. Your initial injury consultation is free and confidential, and we work on personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis – you pay no legal fees unless we negotiate a settlement or win a verdict on your behalf. Let us fight for the monetary damages that will cover your medical bills, lost earnings and other losses or expenses that you have faced and may face in the future. We wish to help you rebuild your life and move on, even if a serious injury has made this seem difficult or impossible.